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Double the Pleasure, Double the E-Commerce

Ecommerce gives the meaning to the transactions performed through the help of the internet. Every time people and the companies are Purchasing or selling products and all the services through the help of online and they’re engaging in e-commerce. 

Firstly, e-commerce is divided into three types according to the products which they sell and products which are Stores that sell physical goods, service-based e-tailers, and digital products. Secondly, there are 7 types of e-commerce according to the parties involved which are Business to consumer and Business to business and the Consumer to business, Consumer to consumer. With the help of the shopping carts and e-commerce platforms and retailers started building online stores where they can sell their products and services. Having an online website is one of the simplest ways in e-commerce. 

Some of the best e-commerce solutions in the market who are ruling the market nowadays like Shopify. They have the percentage of 21% of the e-commerce market share, Magento, which has powered over 772,000 websites across the world, Oracle commerce which holds the percentage of 0.36% of the e-commerce market share and the Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce sellers in the United States with the value of $280 billion. To make expansion and to create an identifiable brand social media platforms that help in. The most famous social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest are not usually used by the people who sell and as an alternative to the online stores.  For example, the retailers that showcase the products on Instagram can use only Instagram’s checkout option. E-Commerce is very trendy.  these days most of the people that it's very easy to use.  People can avail of this service from home. This is the importance of e-commerce and its advantages to the people in the society.